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I already know I am going to hear a lot of slack for this one but the great thing about this being my blog, is just that, its my blog.  This is not going to be directed at all women but a fair majority of them in the world at large that are dating. I would like you to understand that you might be your own problem. Its to many women that are single and to many decent guys that are complaining about selfish women so I decided to do some investigating in the matter to find out what the real issue is and my thoughts will be formulated over the next few paragraphs.

Over-Priced Vagina is a common thing in society today because a lot of women have placed price tags on their vagina that their vagina can’t live up to. Every woman thinks that a man only wants the vagina so she keeps it locked away until she feels he worthy and him being worthy might be after he has spent a significant amount of money on her or met an emotional need that she was missing or made it thru her “90 day, 120 day, 6-month or not until I get married rule.” All these rules and regulations are dumb to the men and even though you think it’s a standard you are setting for yourself its really a exit for yourself.

When a guy is interested in a woman, he is going to wine and dine her, be respectful, hopefully show her things that she hasn’t seen before from a guy. He is going to try to earn her trust and respect within time in hopes of sharing a physical moment with her. Now, the issue is very common because I have came across a lot of women that are never worth that moment and majority of men agree and that’s why they are so quick to leave after the physical moment. Some guys leave before the moment even comes because the hoops and hurdles thus far have deterred his interest and it gets to a point where it isn’t worth it.

For example: A guy does all the right things, as he is suppose to do and 3 maybe 4 months later the female decides to have a physical moment with him. Ok, that physical moment was ok but was it worth a four – month waiting period. Was it worth the sharing, the emotional reassurance, the walks in the park, the cuddling, the dinners, just the time, most guys will say no. A guy doesn’t leave a woman for sex because its better, he leaves because you, wasn’t worth the headache. If I test drive a car and decide not to buy it, that means the car wasn’t for me and I need to find one that I want to invest in and no, I am not going to invest in a car I haven’t test driven yet and if I do and don’t like the way it drives. I am not buying it. It is just that simple.

Today’s women would like you to sign all the papers, agree to terms, pay a deposit, pass background check and credit check before you can drive the car because they know if you drove the car before all that you wouldn’t buy it because the car wasn’t a quality ride for you. In my world, I called that hoodwinked. There is nothing worst then investing more into something that is worth less.  Women have mistakenly made up this elaborate thought that it’s the man fault that he leaves after sex and has nothing to do with her. I advise you to be a better woman so “he” doesn’t want to leave. Stop trying to blame everything on him. You played a part in the situation too. Understand this and he want leave after sex, be a friend not a mother, be a cook/supporter and be sexy when its time and you want have problems. We all fall in line if you do those things right and just because you think you do something right doesn’t mean you are doing those things right. Your vagina will grab his attention because he wants it but tell me this, what keeps his attention after he gets it…. THINKABOUTIT



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  1. I appreciate your stand, but you are looking at this from a physical standpoint. “Over Priced” vag is when chicks sex you for bill money, Chanel bags and Louboutins. The reason why women hold out is for 2 reasons. First, they figure – or know – that you are getting sexual pleasure from some other source. There is no need to open themselves up to you emotionally, spiritually and to sexually transmitted diseases when you are entertaining other women. Secondly, the hold out is for a deeper connection. Is it worth it to you to spend time with her and a few bucks just for the nut? No! But is there anything wrong with trying to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship and connection? Absolutely, yes!


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