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So I haven’t posted on my site in a while. I took a break from writing on the blog because of life-changing decisions over the past 6-10 months that have taken most of my focus primarily. However, I am still standing and still here being the opinionated male that you have grown to love and hate at the same time.

This entry is called Elevators and I thought it would be suitable for the topics I will be discussing and since elevators are pretty common to majority of everyone reading this. On to the soapbox, taps microphone, how you ever thought about your ascension in the different avenues of your life. Elevators are synonmous with these avenues. Everybody always wants to go up and you always hate to have to go down to go up. Raise your hand; yes you because I know I am not the only one. You remember when you were trying to go to the 10th floor from 3rd floor and when the elevator opened up and you say, “is this elevator going up,” and the people already on the elevator state, ”its going down and instead of going down and riding back up. You sit there and wait for another one or even that same one to return to take you to that 10th floor.

Why is it that we get discouraged about going down to get up? Why is it that if going up was so important why didn’t you taking the stairs? I know you just sat there and said to yourself, what is he talking about but think about what I am saying. Is it an inept fact that we despise going down even though it may get us right where we want to be? What if your job wants to send you to some remote location for a year for less pay and more responsibly but when you finish the assignment you received a promotion in the company? What would you do? What about the relationship in your life? You would rather not move in any direction just so you don’t go down but everybody else is passing you by. Would things be so bad if you just took the ride down just to enjoy the trip back up? Are we as people so timid internally that we are scared of the what If more than the What IS…

I was just thinking and wanted to see what you thought. Is it possible to think you want things to be perfect in your own way and nothing is worth the risk of going down to get to the top? Think about it and let me know.



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