This is inspired by a recent text message I received from someone I hold dear in the respect column but the text made me think a little more than I hope to.

Why is it that we walk away from those things that are good for us in life without reasoning? Why is it that we walk away from people who care the most about us? Why is it that we do not embrace the people and places where we are celebrated on being that we are naturally? Are we fearful of being happy or is it the fact that sometimes things are too good to be true? Has society warped our minds to thinking that good things actually do not happen and instead of enjoying the moments that we have, we are steadily waiting for everything to fall apart? I ask these questions because now a day we seem to lean towards the negative more than the positive. I understand that we must not be oblivious that bad things do happen to good people but I am started to believe that those things could be more self-inflicted than just happening. Those self-inflicted occurrences maybe the result of parenting, society, friends, age and education; each one could change a person’s course in life immediately. Lets take a closer look on each.
In the sense of parenting, most of our parents want the best for us and I say most because there are some parents that are not bestowed with that be knowing trait for their offspring, however, the majority has our best interest at heart base on what they know through their life experiences. This is good for the basic life values but detrimental to the every changing workings of life in the 21st century. Most parents were not subjected to the distractions and technological distraction that their children have today.
The social issues that plague children today even though they are similar to those of most parents but they are not the same in comparison. The structure of the family in general is different because most of our parents had two parents in the home. If your parents, got married at 21yrs of age and are still together, how can they give advice on being single at 22yrs of age? If your parents were book smart and non-athletic, how can they judge or give advice on being an athlete? Wouldn’t the advice they give be circumstantial?
I am not saying that our parents are wrong in their guidance. I am saying that they cannot be totally right on topics or activities they have not endured, hence shaping another individuals mind and perception ill advised. Most parents preach education, college education and get married and have a family because that is what they are hardwired to promote but is that for everyone? By the recent rise in divorce rates in the United States, I would beg to say, that some parents are wrong in promoting that outcome with some children. It isn’t for everyone so to speak. As individuals we should challenge the “expected wisdom” of our parents and society and our friends and education because if we do not question it we will be doom to make the same mistakes.
Most of us will listen to our parents’ belief as law without question and end up being very ill prepared for life as we see in the 21st century. There is an underlining reason that individuals are less happy, suicide rates are up amongst individuals under 30yrs old and the divorce rate is close to 50%. To bring this back into perspective, are we making decision about our life off of what we know to be true or off what we are told to be true? And can this be the reason why most of us are running away for those things and people that make us better for the comfort zone of what we told by society, friends, parents etc…?


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