What happen to personal Relationships?

Moment of Clarity
Moment of Clarity

Its a great day and a new year and I am thankful to be moving in a manner that is soon to be a career for me. However, this conversation is not about my career path but about the simple things I witness throughout the course of my daily life.

Over the last, 20yrs technology has advanced us in such a way that we are barely keeping up with the new gadgets and gizmos that appear everyday. But is it just me when I say that smart phones are making us dumber? I think technology has handicapped us more than it has helped us when it comes to inter-personal relationships. It seems that the easier its gets to communicate the worst the communication gets amongst people. Have you noticed that the more we advance in technology the higher divorce rate. Not saying that one is the cause of the other but its very common for someone not to want to talk to another person but would prefer to text message them or tweet or facebook them. It’s even reflected in the movies we watch now, the movies are not as passionate or as good because you cannot make a text message be that romantic, I don’t care what you say, at least when compared to someone writing a letter on paper.

As I move throughout my day in this life, I notice when I come across women and try to engage them in conversation all of them prefer texting to talking. i even notice a person will text all day but then get quiet when they are in the company of that same person. Why is that? I even had a girl, say that, “holding a iphone to your ear is damaging to brain cells due to the radiation the phone generates.” Yes, she said that and continued to text me but I wasn’t interested in her gorgeous ass after that statement. Can romance be really tapped into if we don’t talk? I do not consider texting talking and I think most relationships if you rely on that to communicate. This is my opinion nd my thoughts…but I am pretty sure there is a correlation indirectly.



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