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  I already know I am going to hear a lot of slack for this one but the great thing about this being my blog, is just that, its my blog.  This is not going to be directed at all women but a fair majority of them in the world at large that are dating. […]

Questions about Relationships in 2013

I haven’t posted in my blog in a long time and I do apologize to all those that expected me to post more frequently. After seeing this picture, I decided today, was my day to post something and get those wonderful brains of your working and thinking about some re-occurring issues that we face in […]

Chasing My Rainbow

Have you ever chased a rainbow? You know the endless journey to see the rainbow up close and personal or to get to the end of it and find some wonderful something that only your wildest dreams could imagine. Come on; think about it, I know you have because I have on numerous occasions. No […]