The Catch-Up on my “Pursuit of Happyness”



I haven’t entered a submission in awhile. I currently started a new job that I told everyone about and it has taken most of my time and drained a lot of energy out of me because of the learning curve of starting in a new industry. I still have a ton of thoughts and I will do better about committing those to paper so I can be a little more frequent about my post on my blog.

As most of you know that, I have been in the business of running night clubs, restaurants, planning parties, managing brands and manage parties for over 10yrs. In 2012, I decided to focus on something else and the something else was becoming a radio personality in Atlanta. I went back to school and got educated and trained on the basic fundamentals of radio. I graduated at the top of the class and started looking for an internship because I needed to exercise my new acquired skills.



After about a few months of searching the country for an internship and/or job but of course, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be despite my huge popularity in the market and the industry itself. A lot of people did not even believe I was serious because I had been doing other things for so long. Well, after more phone calls and emails, someone finally took a chance with me. Rashan Ali & Akini gave me an opportunity to intern in October 2012. I currently have acquired a position as Promotions Director at Streetz 94.5 and in January I will have worked in radio for a year. Yes, everything came into actuality because of a lot of hardwork and a few people believing in me. I don’t have my own show yet but I do get to do breaks from random places in the city; which is really cool. I also get to inspire younger adults, interns, on being better individuals in life.


Over the last year, my patience has been tested. I look at a lot of people differently now and realize that even the most self righteous of individuals have a fake side when it’s to their benefit. I have taken a stance on not speaking as much because it keeps me on a set path and less drama. The drama still comes my way based on the job I do but I have learned to have an even tougher skin. There is no loyalty in this business. People are only loyal to the numbers or the hype.  With me being such a people’s person, it’s great to sit back and watch how people wiggle their way thru this business on a day to day basis. I think that is actually the most enjoyable part outside of expand my experience and teaching my younger interns life lessons. Tune in every day and you may hear your favorite person, me, on the radio.











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