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This is going to be an understanding about my name and lifestyle and how they intertwine effectively and why I am not lonely even though I maybe “Solo” more times than most people. I have been asked so many times and I think its time I officially address the topic …

The Catch-Up on my “Pursuit of Happyness”

  I haven’t entered a submission in awhile. I currently started a new job that I told everyone about and it has taken most of my time and drained a lot of energy out of me because of the learning curve of starting in a new industry. I still have a ton of thoughts and […]


So I haven’t posted on my site in a while. I took a break from writing on the blog because of life-changing decisions over the past 6-10 months that have taken most of my focus primarily. However, I am still standing and still here being the opinionated male that you have grown to love and […]