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Questions about Relationships in 2013

I haven’t posted in my blog in a long time and I do apologize to all those that expected me to post more frequently. After seeing this picture, I decided today, was my day to post something and get those wonderful brains of your working and thinking about some re-occurring issues that we face in our day.
It is apparent that there is a lack of understanding in the female to male relationship in society especially in the black community. It seems that we are delusional, both men and women, in the things that we assume to make us happy. Women are looking for security and that is normally predicated by the assumption that a guy with money can provide but it seems to me that a guy with money is more likely to flee the coop quicker because he can afford to and doesn’t have to do much but spend money when she gets mad, hence, the phrase in a popular song, “$5,000 on a makeup bag.” Have the women of society resulted to find pleasure in gifts instead of sustenance and where did it go wrong? Why is that every man is considered a dog before he even does anything? I am thinking it’s a lack of adequate communication between male and females. Why do most women have a dismal view on marriage, kids and sharing their life with someone?

I think strides that have made us technologically advanced compared to our mothers and fathers have also made us inept when it comes to person- to – person relationships especially when dealing with matters of the heart. What happen to us? People are more likely to send you “HRU and WYD with a emoticon” then using the same energy to make a phone call. I even heard a female say, I don’t like to talk on the phone. I would rather text. When I heard that it made me realize that she already had problems because you cannot successful have a relationship with someone if there is no real communication.

Lets take a guy’s perspective, most guys are very infatuated with a certain type of girl, each guy has a different preference but most of the preferences of each particular female always ends up with her being “needy or in need of something.” Has the increase of single parent homes increased the lack of love in the community and when I say single parent I mean the fact that most families do not help in raising kids and showing great example of love as our grandmothers and before them. I was raised by grandmother and when I compare the way I think when I am in a relationship it never compares to other males and its like a foreign language to most women I meet. I was wondering where did it go wrong and why are we so far from the truth when it comes to having successful relationships. Are we weaker when it comes to matters of the heart? Are men really just looking for “eye candy, trophy wife, the needy one, the model or the stripper?” Is the size of a guy’s bank account the only validation a woman needs to be secure with a man? These are questions that have crossed my mind and I am wondering the answers or if they are even possible to answer. Why can’t the guy with the bank account be a great man to her? Why can’t the model, stripper or needy girl be just right? Your thoughts…


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